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False propaganda will hit growth: KTR

IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao on Friday urged the intellectuals in the State to shoulder the responsibility of exposing the false propaganda of opposition parties which could otherwise prove detrimental to the growth of Telangana.

“The State is progressing on the right path to meet the aspirations of the people who achieved separate State after a struggle for over 14 years,” he said.

Addressing a seminar organised by Telangana Vikasa Samithi here, Rama Rao said the TRS government had been exposing the conspiracies which were initiated with the discreet merger of seven mandals of erstwhile Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh in the early days of State formation. “In the initial stages, we fought the hegemonistic political parties and liberated Telangana from their pincer grasps. In the current phase, we are fighting the mean-minded opposition parties which are making every effort to scuttle the growth of the State,” he said, explaining the reasons behind the TRS party’s decision to dissolve the State Assembly and seek people’s mandate afresh.

Elaborating the extensive work done by the TRS government in the last four and half years, the Minister said the K Chandrashekhar Rao government worked for realising the core idea of achieving separate State – water, funds and recruitments for all. “We took up redesigning of irrigation projects besides starting new ones, to bring one crore acres under cultivation. The government launched Mission Bhagiratha to supply water to every household, which is nearing completion,” he said. Further, he explained the expenditure incurred by the government and also recruitments taken up by the State government.

Rama Rao said that the opposition parties, however, were causing all sorts of hindrances to the progress of the State by filing cases in courts which resulted in delays in completion of irrigation projects and also recruitments. He emphasised the need for the intellectuals to thwart such attempts on a regular basis and expose false propaganda against the government. Setting an example, he rubbished the corruption charges being levelled by the opposition parties with regard to construction of irrigation projects.

The Minister explained that unlike Congress which increased the estimations for the Pranahitha-Chevella project from around Rs 17,000 crore to about Rs 40,500 crore for no specific reason within a span of three years, the TRS government had increased the construction estimations upto about Rs 80,000 crore due to redesigning of the project. “The project cost had doubled, but the storage capacity has been increased from 16 tmcft to 160 tmcft through project redesigning. If they really want to speak about corruption, let them come to an open debate on the mobilisation advances given during the regime of Congress governments to the contractors,” he challenged.

Rama Rao stated that when compared to future benefits of the ongoing projects, their construction cost was of no major consequence. He ridiculed the allegations of dynasty politics in TRS by the Congress and other Opposition parties, terming them as torchbearers of dynasty politics, nepotism and corruption in the country. He said the TRS leadership was amidst the people of the State and Chandrashekhar Rao becoming the Chief Minister of Telangana State was inevitable.


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