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Telangana Rashtra Samithi

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Historic Milestones

Few glimpses from the 14 year statehood movement led by Telangana Rashtra Samithi:

KCR announcing TRS Party on 27-April-2001


Public meeting at ‘Warangal’ 21-June-2001

Public-Meeting-in-Warangal-21-June-2001 Public-Meeting-in-Warangal-21-June-2001 (2)

“Telangana Garjana” Public meeting at Zymkhana Grounds, Secunderabad on 06-Jan-2003

Huge Public meeting in Jymkhana Grounds with UPA leaders

Public Meeting at Warangal 28-April-2007

KCR-at-Warangal-Meeting-2007-3 KCR-at-Warangal-Meeting-2007-1

KCR Hunger Strike  29-Nov-2009

KCR Hunger Strike KCR Hunger Strike 03

Telangana Maha Garjana orgnized by TRS one of the largest gatherings in world history 16-Dec-2010

KCR-attends-in-Maha-Garjana-at-Warangal-3 Telangana-Maha-Garjana-public-meeting-at-Warangal-16-Dec-2010

Million March 10-March-2011


“Jana Garjana” meeting at SRS College Grounds, Karimnagar on 12-Sept-2011

K-Chandrasekar-Rao-Addressing-At-Samara-Bheri-Public-Meeting-Surya-Pet KCR-Karimnagar-meeting_2011

Sagara Haaram 30-September-2012


“Telangana Samara Bheri” a huge public meeting held at Suryapet 25-Nov-2012

K-Chandrasekar-Rao-Addressing-At-Samara-Bheri-Public-Meeting-Surya-Pet K-Chandrasekar-Rao-Addressing-At-Samara-Bheri-Public-Meeting-Surya-Pet-1 (1)

Vijayotsava Rally 26-Feb-2014

KCR Vijayothsava Rally



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