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KCR takes tough stance on KLIS

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Wednesday asserted that all works pertaining to the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) must be completed by March 31 and Godavari River water must be released to the ayacut from June. He stated that the State government was spending thousands of crores of rupees for the project and inefficiency, which could scuttle the progress of works causing delay in completion of the project, will not be tolerated.

He expressed dissatisfaction over the slow pace of works by the contract agencies. He directed the officials to increase the labourers and machinery by four times and take up the work in three shifts round-the-clock.

On the second day of his field visit to the project, the Chief Minister visited the project site at Sundilla barrage and observed that only 50 per cent works had been completed with regard to the barrage, flood bank canals, rivetment walls and other crucial works at Sundilla barrage. He expressed dissatisfaction over the slow pace of works and warned that avoidable delays in works will not be tolerated.

“What is your problem? We are extending all cooperation, but the works are not progressing up to your reputation. Unless the barrage (Sundilla) is completed, we cannot release water despite completion of the remaining works elsewhere as per schedule,” he said. He wanted the project to be ready by March end and arrangements made for conducting wet run in April. ‘Increase workforce’

Earlier, Chandrashekhar Rao travelled by road along the canal which supplies water from Kannepalli pumphouse to Annaram barrage and inspected the works at several spots. He suggested the authorities to construct concrete sidewalls where necessary to prevent the sidewalls from caving in. He expressed satisfaction over the ongoing works at Kannepalli and Annaram, besides asking the officials to increase the workforce by four times to expedite the works. He asked the officials of irrigation department to ensure that there was no delay in paying the bills to the contract agencies and instructed CMO Secretary Smita Sabharwal to address any pending issues in this regard.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister explained his plans to involve multinational companies to develop hotels and tourist spots at Kaleshwaram project to promote tourism in the State. He advised the officials to develop the roads to the project site and examine the feasibility of operating boating, etc at the reservoir.

The engineers informed the Chief Minister that fixing of 74 gates had been completed, while construction of the 17 km-long flood bank was moving at brisk pace. They said about 90 per cent excavation as well as 76 per cent earth works were completed. They also informed him that the remaining works will be completed by the end of January. Of the eight pumps, motors of six pumps had already arrived at the project site and remaining two motors had reached Chennai, officials informed.

Later, Chandrashekhar Rao visited Rajeshwararaopeta and Rampur to examine the ongoing works of Sriramsagar project (SRSP) rejuvenation programme. He asked the officials to expedite the works at the pumphouses. He wanted the works at two pumphouses to be completed by March end and the third pump house by June. He also visited work sites at Goliwada.

‘Complete dry run of Goliwada pump house motors by March’ The Chief Minister instructed officials concerned to complete the dry run of nine motors of the Goliwada pump house by March 31.

As part of his two-day visit to the Kaleshwaram project, he examined the ongoing works at the pump house taken up under the lift irrigation project on Wednesday. As many as nine motors were being installed to draw 2 tmc of water a day at the house, being constructed at Rs 2,023.3 crore. Civil works were undertaken to enhance the drawing capacity to 3 tmc. Works costing Rs 1,547.65 crore were completed so far.

Rao inquired about the progress of works by interacting with engineers and contractors at the project site. Engineers told him that out of 5.6 lakh cubic metres, 5 lakh cubic metres of work was done so far, erection of four pump houses was completed, fixing of motors was on brisk note and spiral casing of five motors was also completed.

The Chief Minister instructed officials to prepare a plan to fix nine motors and complete the dry run of all motors by March in order to supply water to agricultural lands for the next kharif season. The dry run of four motors should be done by January, he said, asking the officials to prepare a plan and work hard to achieve the target.


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