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The tale of Telangana


But for the people of  Telangana, this has been a long drawn fight of 54 years. As a result of this fight, on December 9, 2009, Government Of India announced the formation of  Telangana state after consulting all the political parties in AP. It also reiterated its promise in both houses of Parliament on Dec 11th and 12th of 2009.

There was a stiff opposition within the Congress party to this, from the coastal MPs. The Congress party failed to control the opposition by their own MPs against Sonia Gandhi’s decision, thus the                       Sri Krishna committee was formed.

From day 1, i.e. right from the guide lines given to the committee (TOR) and the legal sanctity of the committee every thing was done with utter carelessness. The congress party did this just to buy some time to postpone the decision on Telangana formation.

After a years extensive (so called) research done by the committee, which include extensive touring of entire AP, they gave a report before 31 Dec 2010.

Getting into the details of the committee report;

1. This probably is the first committee which gave 6 opinions about a single issue and itself had declared that out of the 6 recommendations 4 were practically not possible, then why have those recommendations at all?

2. Another very dangerous trend this committee set, for any other committee coming up in ever is out of a 9 chapter report (505 pages) one entire chapter is given in a sealed cover only to the Home Minister of India and not to the public, then why mention it at all a committee of this type should its findings in public.

3. Out of the 6 recommendations committee eliminates 4 by itself and we are left with only 2 recommendations:

a) First best option says: keep the state united, but provide certain constitutionally empowered committees to protect Telangana s interest. This is the current status of AP and since the very same idea failed. Telangana people are agitating for a separate state. So, according to people of Telangana the first best option given by the committee is ruled out.

b) Next best option says: form Telangana state which is excellent, but the committee mention very derogatory remarks about the Muslims of Telangana which we firmly oppose and welcome their 5th recommendation of the committee.

Committee or No Committee!

Irrespective of what the committee says; we the people of Telangana have been deprived of our fair share of resources, jobs, funds, respect & lived like second grade citizens in united Andhra Pradesh for the last 54 years.

We will not live in this kind of set up anymore and want the “Telangana State Formation” bill to be introduced & Passed in the parliament in the Budget session.

The Government Of India has to honour to the promise it had made to the Telangana People and full fill it at the earliest and save hundreds of young lives.

Jai Telangana!


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