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TRS will change the shape of Warangal: KCR

The TRS will come to power and it would change the shape of Warangal district, the second most important place in Telangana State, said TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao. Addressing a well-attended public meeting here on Thursday, KCR said Warangal did not witness any development during the past four decades owing to poor leadership. “The Congress leaders who were in power for the past ten years were busy amassing wealth and never bothered about development,” he said amid cheers.

KCR in Warangal

Asserting that the TRS would come to power without any doubt, he the government would bring in a textile hub to provide employment to youth, strive to make Kazipet junction a new railway division, bring in a railway coach factory, bring in underground drainage and make use of iron ore in the district.

KCR said Warangal has more potential for good development having an airport, railway junction and being nearer to the State capital. However, successive governments failed to focus on it. “The development comes only after we root out political corruption. We will send those corrupt to jail,” he said. He drew applaud whenever he attacked TPCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah, whom he alleged, received commissions in Jalayagnam and did nothing for Devadula project or improvement of irrigation potential in Warangal district. “Mr. Lakshmaiah is ridiculing me on my manifesto. I do agree we need lot of funds to implement the manifesto. But we are not like Congressmen who pocket more and spend little,” he said. The TRS chief introduced all the contesting candidates from the district for Assembly and Parliament. He wanted people to give him 100 MLAs and 17 MPs and promised to fulfil the dream of every section in new Telangana State. Retired IPS officer Pervaram Ramulu, Kadiam Srihari, Prof A. Sitaram Naik and others were present.

Courtesy: (The Hindu)


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