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TS to Launch Village Development Scheme

The state government will soon launch World Bank-assisted ‘Telangana Palle Pragathi’ scheme in the state. The World Bank is likely to spend `653 crore in a span of five years for the village development scheme.


The scheme is aimed at overall development of villages in the district. The government had signed an agreement with the World Bank to execute the scheme. Panchayat raj minister KT Rama Rao held a meeting with the Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) CEO Murali and other officials here on Friday after the government got official confirmation of WB assistance to the project.

Rama Rao said 150 backward mandals would be developed in nine districts of the state with `653 crore assistance from the World Bank over a five-year period.

‘’Of the total amount, the World Bank will spend $75 million (`450 crore) while the state government $32 million (`203 cr).

The scheme involves imparting training to rural people on employment training programme as part of increasing employability and skill development. ‘’By this, the rural people can get self-employment,’’ Rama Rao said adding the scheme also involves enhancing assistance to people who are dependent on agriculture.

The farmers can form into a cooperation to sell their produce. ‘’The government will assist with regard to diary development, rearing of sheep and goats and production of rice and millets,’’ Rama Rao said. As part of the scheme, rural outlets will also be set up for farmers to have marketing facilities.

As part of the plans to increase Human Development Index, the government will take up various programme and primarily will focus on providing nutritious food to women. The minister also announced that comprehensive village seva centres will also be set up. For this, special kiosks will be set up in 1,000 villages and through these centres, all public services will be provided. ‘’These centres will also disburse pensions. Arrangements will also be made for the people to apply for any government schemes and also lodge complaints,’’ he said adding that the functioning of the centres will be handed over to educated women.

The scheme will benefit 75 lakh people including 13.17 lakh SCs and 16.43 lakh STs.



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