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What does KCR do at his ‘farmhouse’?


So, what is the reality? What does KCR really do in his ‘farmhouse’? In fact how does his ‘farmhouse’ look like? Mission Telangana team presents these photographs which show the ‘farmhouse’ of KCR is in fact a farmers’ house and a laboratory of modern agriculture techniques. Here, KCR is experimenting everything that future Telangana needs – from farm ponds to polyhouse agriculture. High value crops like color Capsicum, are grown in this fields. Such crops have huge demand in foreign markets. He is also getting a huge one-acre farm pond dug, which will demonstrate how rain water can be effectively harvested in Telangana region. See these pictures and understand what a visionary leader KCR is. These pictures prove beyond doubt how the Seemandhra leaders and media are doing a negative propaganda on KCR everyday.


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